Tuesday, March 4, 2014

dear hadley

my sweet baby girl
for a couple of weeks i have been trying to prepare my head and my heart for this day...your sixth birthday. a dear friend is pregnant with her second sweet baby and when talking with her after her first ultrasound appointment, i started to say "what a blessing!" but hadley grace, you are so much more than that. the word blessing just does not seem to be quite enough.
there are simply no words for how i love you...  how your smile, especially in its currently toothless state, warms my soul. you are so kind and loving and the best little mother hen to those little sisters of yours. you three are too much for my heart to handle.
i will never forget waking up and feeling my very first contraction; it was 7am on the dot on monday, march 3 and i was beside myself to finally hold you in my arms. i had not planned on waiting another 34 hours but such is life. oh to finally see you! you were so small. so precious. so innocent.
but fast forward 6 precious years... sometimes you are so observant of the world around you it breaks my heart. i would give anything to keep you in a preciously happy little bubble forever but that is not real life and it would not actually do you any favors... so all i know to do is seek God's will in how to raise you. to be a vessel for showing you His love and how you should love others. you are well on your way to being a young lady...it brings me to tears when i let it. not because i am sad you are growing up, not because those baby years are gone or even the fact on sunday mornings you prefer ballet flats to the "little white church shoes" i have always had you in...but because at 6 i am already so overflowing with joy for who you have become.  my heart is so full sweet girl. so very full.
to say you are a blessing is truly not enough.
all my love
march 4, 2008
march 1, 2014