Friday, October 25, 2013

unspeakable joy

dearest augie catie
this time four years ago (it's 947pm on 10/25), i was probably still upset that zea's was out of pumpkin cheesecake when we all went to dinner.  your grandparents and aunts and uncles were in town to welcome you to the world the next morning and if you remember anything about your life in mobile, which i feel certain you won't remember much, it is that it rained...a lot.  we were going to have dinner on the causeway but it was raining; remind me to tell you the time we braved a horrible thunderstorm for shashe's 50th birthday; it was over a year before you were born but fresh in our minds that felix's parking lot floods so we chose zea's.  there were very few days during any of my pregnancies that i didn't end with dessert and i was beside myself with the thought of the pumpkin cheesecake on the menu.  if you are wondering if this post is about cheesecake or you, give me just another second.  we all had a lovely dinner and when i ordered my cheesecake, the waiter told me they were out....he obviously missed my extremely large belly and the fact that i REALLY needed a slice.  oh well...been dreaming about pumpkin cheesecake for 4 years now. 
but that next morning, i couldn't have been thinking less about the darn cheesecake! i couldn't wait to meet you; your daddy and i were so excited!  but so relaxed at the same time; dr carpenter and i talked football on the way to the delivery room. my nurse, same one i had for hadley, took guesses about your weight; i guessed exactly.  you were 8lb of love; another ounce would have been more than i could handle. 
your very first picture
nurse frannie showing you off, through the nursery window, after your first bath
                  holding daddy's hand                            possibly my most treasured picture from that day
first birthday

second birthday; such a precious little sister

third birthday
you fill each day with such joy, audrey! i simply can't put it into words for you; but i'll keep trying until one day you are the momma and all in one instant, you will understand why shashe still calls me her baby and i am mid way through my 30's.  i am beyond blessed to be your mother.  God really out did himself with this blessing.  you love big, baby girl. sometimes i am beyond exhausted by the time i am tucking you in at night but there is always time for one of your "hugs and kisses"...always. i can't imagine a day without that fabulous smile and precious personality.  yesterday after we dropped hadley at school, you made up a few stories for me and wanted me to do the same for first one started out "once upon a time there were two sisters; mallory and audrey"... you interrupted me and requested to not only be named ariel but you were apparently a princess; not just a girl. your brain moves faster than i can keep up with.  we are constantly in stitches; but i have to make sure you know i am laughing with you and not at you because, just like your momma, you wear it all on your sleeve sweet girl.  i love you.
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