Tuesday, August 6, 2013

my precious kindergartener

Sweetest Hadley,
I am a loss for words much of the time lately; don't ask your daddy about that as his opinion might not be the same.  But this past nearly 2 years has been a whirlwind and I find myself "thinking" more than is typical for me and so I talk a little bit less.  I believe it was August 7, 2011 we found out we were starting down the current path of this journey we are on. In other words, that was the day we found out I was pregnant with Mallory and we would be moving to Meridian.  Yes; that is right...two life changing events presented themselves within 45 minutes of one another.  Always remember God is so good and never forget He has a sense of humor.  
The move to Meridian meant you would be going to full day school once 5k hit; not the sweet little half day I am used to.  And no longer would you be in the cute little bubble of your church school with 10ish students in your class.  No...5k in Meridian meant full day school with 21 other sweet 5 year olds. It's the real world!  I was ready to come and get you by lunch time; you have just been gone far too long and my heart misses you so.
But baby girl, you were made for learning.  You are the first child of two first children; I have spent years trying to mellow and tone down my type a tendencies and your daddy is an engineer. Need I say more?  You embody it; you LOVE school.  So leaving you this morning was hard but I know you are having the time of your little 5 year old life!  I didn't cry and neither did you.  Though I did go back to your class after dropping you off so I could have daddy take our picture; I forgot the first time...guess I was nervous afterall.  I fully expect to cry when I drop you off for college though.  Because that will be all together different from this morning.
I always wanted to stay home with my babies; your daddy was convinced I'd be bored and need to go back to work and I wondered myself if I could do it.  You are the first of my three beautiful, inside and out, blessings and I am so proud to call you my daughter.  
I miss you terribly while you are away but Hadley, I am so proud of the wonderfully sweet and super smart girl you have become.  Continue to consider everyone your friend and let your heart be bigger than you are.  You are in "the big girl world now" and I know your being there will make it a better place!  So I am going to do my best to share you. 
Driving home from school and listening to you tell me all about your day, my heart was so full...I swear it physically hurt.  But that is what your daddy would say "hurts so bad, it feels good".  I've always laughed at him when he says that but I think I now know what he means.
All my love,
so excited!
pink toms make a uniform fun! and who doesn't love that missing tooth?

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