Friday, April 5, 2013

the year in pictures

vague title, isn't it. you didn't know what i might be up to. lately, i can't get over how much my girls are daily looking different. ok maybe daily is a bit of a stretch for hadley and audrey but not mallory. they change and grow so stinking fast!

so as the biggest birthday of all, her first one, approaches i wanted to put 12 months of changing faces in one place for me to stare at. and i know you grandparents will sit and stare too. for the rest of you...just gratuitious pictures of my sweet baby girl!

black and white doesn't do most of these pictures justice; have you seen her blue/gray eyes? mesmerizing. i know i am her mother and all but this is my first blue eyed baby and they are the color that hadley and audrey had as newborns; slate... watch her be one of those babies that changes eye color at 2 years old! for now, though, i am mesmerized by those baby blues.

and by the looks of that last picture, it is high time to put a bow in someone's hair!
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

happy birthday sweet girl

how did my sweet and fabulous first born turn 5?  it must have been while i wasn't looking...which is one of the better things that happens around here while i have my back turned.  only the good Lord really knows what those two are really up to when i am not looking.  she has a huge heart and wears it all on her sleeve; it will be the life and death of that little red head.  i am so proud of you hadley and can't wait to see what God has in store for you.  i had no idea how you would change my life and i know you will continue to amaze me.  i love you hadley hoo!  
 pictures from her party at Dentzel Carousel
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