Saturday, October 13, 2012

sweet mallory...6 months

"the baby" is 6 months old now.  i truly have no idea where the time went.  i was talking to a dear friend the other night, her precious baby girl is 8 months old.  she said "it goes by so fast; i know everyone says that"... it sounds so cliche but everyone says it, because it is true.  somehow i hadley is 4.5, audrey will turn 3 in two short weeks and jay and i celebrated 9 years of marriage last's been a wonderfully wild ride so far and most of it goes by far too fast.  we won't talk about the stuff that could pass faster...this is, afterall, a birthday celebration post!
mallory (aka mallo roo, moo moo, mallo rooni or just moo) is just the happiest little munchkin you could hope for; an absolute joy to complete my little piece of heaven. 
i am off to have a relaxing weekend with the fam...hope you have a blessed one too. 
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