Wednesday, October 24, 2012

every picture tells a story

i think it was rod stewart who said "every picture tells a story don't it"... 
actually, i know it was.  i googled it and wiki confirmed it.  what did we do before wiki?  oh wait, i remember...we had encyclopedia britinnica!  which i think i remember hearing is soon to, or already has, printed their last set of encyclopedias; crazy.  it will only be available online; i sure do miss printed materials.  funny i say that as i sit here and keep an "online journal" as opposed to a physical one.  know what else i found on wiki when "researching"?  1001 albums you must hear before you die  that is definitely worthy of a look, in my humble opinion.  i will put that on my list of "things to accomplish in my spare time" so by my calculations, i will get around to viewing the list sometime in 2030 (mallory will graduate from high school that year) and who knows when i will start working through the list. 
any who...on that little beach trip i shared a few days ago, we tried to take some "family pictures"...ol rod was right; every picture tells a story so i don't need to say another word.

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