Wednesday, August 15, 2012

off to school...and randomness

i miss the blog...i miss sitting down and reflecting on life and "putting it to paper" to share. but MY GOODNESS life is FULL and thus life is BUSY!

and is there such a thing as "adult onset attention deficit disorder"!?! if so, i think i have it.

take today for example...i had absolutely no intention of posting today. i need to but it wasn't on "the list". i am supposed to be working on audrey's "all about me" poster for her new school...well that meant i had to download pictures from the camera and one thing led to another and here i am. i am sure you are all so pleased my new disorder won out but my to do list is very disappointed in my progress. oh well...i recovered a lamp shade, for audrey's room, this morning while hadley and audrey were at school and mallory was napping so isn't that enough productivity for one day?

i promise to try and be a more regular visitor, at my own blog!, so it won't be one "catching up post" after another but like i said, i have aoadd now (adult onset attention deficit disorder as i will refer to it from here on out) so i make no promises ;) and i think i have lost the ability to spell, so posts will take that much longer...oh dear.

now on with the "show"

mallory found her thumb and proceeded to start sucking on it. 
i realize this seems like no big deal to most of you but this is my 3rd child and the 1st one who cared a thing about sucking a thumb or...
hadley and audrey LOVE some sparklers and this year i taught them to say "ooh, ahh" every time daddy shoots off a new firework. 
that was a requirement to watch the family fireworks at the lake every summer and i think it a tradition worth continuing! 

and is it just me or do you all see the "1980's olan mills" thing going on with audrey's face?!? 
i am pretty sure my mom had some pics hanging in the hall, of me and justin,that had a similar quality. 

...fingers!  keep up with me here people.  i know jay is reading and re reading trying to follow because i just threw the sparklers in the middle of that train of thought. 
i could have put them together because they "match" but i am going in order here so it seemed like more fun to mess with him.

hadley and audrey did a little "broadway camp" at the dance/gymnastics place they will be taking this fall. 
this was after they came home the first night...they had a BLAST!
"broadway camp" had a small "recital" the last night...a d o r a b l e!  each night also had a different theme and the last night was acutally wizard of oz.  audrey is dressed as "glenda the good witch" but hadley told me it was alright if she dressed as her favorite princess so she is ariel.  ariel is "her favorite" but she has never seen the little mermaid so i'd say that was pretty much picked at random.  but she does know ariel also has red hair so maybe it isn't so random after all. 
audrey was the youngest little munchkin in the class and i was so proud of how well she kept up with the "big girls".
we also went to the lake for the day in late july... h o t.  papaw got a new boat this summer so he and lala took the girls for a little ride.
my silly girls thought the lake was just the best place they had ever been...the water is shallow by the pier and i wondered if they would be grossed out by walking in the mud but they didn't skip a beat; guess under all that prissiness they are mine after all.   
mallory is now 4 months old!  i meant to take "cute little monthly pictures" with her (i didn't with hadley or audrey) but some how i didn't get started until this month...oh well. i am sure i can work somthing out when it comes time to "publish" her blurb book ( by the way. i did a post a while back about how much i LOVE my books of the girls' first years)  and you see the fingers are still a big hit; the thumb isn't as popular...  wonder what dr forrest would say about that?

and OH MY STARS, my baby started 4k on monday! i have no idea how that happened! idea where the time went. 
i am so sad to let her go but so proud and excited for her at the same time.  she LOVES school and with us relocating, poor girl has not been since her last day of mom's day out in february. she was so ready and so excited.  she already has some friends in class and listening to her stories is delightful. 

hadley is going 5 days a week but just half days and audrey will be joing her on monday, wednesday and friday for a little "mom's day out" action.
i hope everyone is having a blessed end of summer/start of school!  i'd love to call it fall but the weather will just now allow it.  i hope not to be such a stranger...
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