Friday, June 22, 2012

what's going on?

having three little ones sure does make the day go by quickly! most nights i put the last one to bed and look back over my day wondering how in the world we are in bed again. many days i am so exhausted, i am thanking the good Lord it is already bed time! life is good and i don't feel like i am drowing but blogging is not at the top of my list; maybe it should be so i will remember a few of the things that have happened lately. i can tell you i have forgotten so many "memorable moments" already... so i will recap a few...

hadley is so ready to be back in school! here she is proudly showing jay her letters. we have two of the little "dry erase" notebooks for practicing letters...i highly recommend; she LOVES them. she starts a 5 day a week, half day program in august and i am so not ready to let her go every morning! but my options were every day or no days at all and she loves it way too much for me to keep her here out of selfishness so off she will go. audrey is still on the waitlist so, if she doesn't get in, it will give me one on one time with her (during mallory's morning nap) that we haven't really had. 

hadley and audrey all comfy in mommy and daddy's bed one saturday morning
some how there has also been some "crafting" going on around here. the pic on the left may be the beginnings of a burlap starfish who is now living on my front door...welcome summer! and the pic on the right is our new "buggy bracelets"...i made one after audrey was born so i could give hadley something to hold on to while i did the grocery shopping and it was a pretty big hit with her and it quickly became clear that 2 tend to wander even more than 1 so we have new ones. maybe i'll post about those two later. i am also getting my "sewing area" of the study all set up and more and more decorating of the house! so lots to cover on here when i have the mental energy to sit and do it.

hadley enjoying a hot dog at campbell's second birthday party a few weekends back

mallory finally met her aunt casey

these three are thick as thieves...i see trouble in their future

the first picture of mallory and davis
do you see mallory is all strapped in her car seat?!? shame on us. we didn't take their picture all day and realized it after mallory was all set to head back home! we did the best we could. mallory is only 4 weeks older than davis...i hope the older 3 are good to them but they have each other so i am not too concerned about their well being.

more crafting...working on daddy's father's day present
he got a "foot print" paiting from each of the girls for their first father's day present to him and i hung those bad boys in the den this afternoon!
father's day cards for the grand fathers...
pops loves to fish so i used the girls finger prints to make some fish
papaw loves airplanes so he got three little planes

more cousin time but this time on my side. my brother and his fam came for a little visit last saturday.
this is my sweet niece caroline, could you not eat her to pieces?!?

mallory was simply trying to take it all in
because the oldest three were wild! they played in the pool and on the slip n slide that morning and after naps we went out front and that poor jeep was run into the ground! they had an absolute blast! the only time they stopped was when i brought out the juice boxes and those were gone in about one sip... carter was the official "driver" and hadley and audrey took turns being the "customer". i have no idea why they have deemed the passenger the customer; i only know it started right after they got the jeep. then again i can't explain so much of what they say/do!

so much more to catch up on (the girls started a weekly "tumbling" class this morning that was a HUGE hit, i cut off 8+ inches of hair!, fathers day,etc.) but that is all for now, this old lady is off to bed. actually, i am being "paged" to take someone potty. sleep tight!
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