Tuesday, February 7, 2012

for the love

1. a super simple revamp of an old wreath into a little valentine's day love for my front door! this is a "coffee filter" wreath that i am sure you can find a tutorial for in about 5 seconds but i made it, maybe, two year ago and did not whip up a tutorial. i simply added a decor mesh bow to the top and a little glittered heart goodness from hobby lobby!

2. my sweet sleeping babies! audrey has NEVER, i repeat...never, been a crawl up in your lap and take a nap child. but sunday we kept her up through nap and she was so pitiful. about 6, i told her she could go and get a blankie if she wanted to (we have about 7 or 8 of them as she puts a large chunk in her mouth and sucks on it...it is super gross and they are used for one nap/bed time and then washed!) she hauled to get one, crawled up with jay and passed out. it was certainly a tame super bowl sunday at our house! jay thinks we need to break her of the blankie habit and where i certainly see his point, we are about to completely uproot everything this child has ever known and she is about to be the middle sister...not the baby so i am a bit hesitant. also i was pretty convinced that if we took the blankies away, she would just find something else to stick in her mouth and it could very well turn out to be a choking hazard! she proved my point when recently she took off her shoes and socks in the car so she could put her sock in her mouth! oh my word! so obviously, we are not pushing the issue for now! maybe summer?

3. mardi gras! i love that we live right here in the middle of all this fun and it is family friendly fun! truly...if you have ever wanted to experience mardi gras but not new orleans mardi gras...book a trip to mobile one year...you will not regret it! but back on track here...we took the girls to, sadly, their first parade last friday night and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves (even though the look on audrey's face would lead you to believe otherwise)! they brought home all sorts of beads and a few "stuffed" beauties (you can see the top of hadley's new baby doll in this pic). i forgot my "real" camera so excuse the dated iPhone pics. oh and please note the oatmeal creme pie that audrey is holding...why do we let her hold food?!? it had to be thrown out; it was demolished!

4. food... yummy food...like chocolate mint moon pies! if you have a negative opinion of moon pies, probably based on solid evidence of flavors like banana, you should totally try these! it is like two thin mints with cream in the middle! delicious! in mobile, you can pick them up at good ol wal mart but i doubt that is the case in most areas. and please look at my chicken biscuit from chick fil a the other morning...why thank you chick fil a; i love you too!

5. scratches on sweet little corneas. not a whole lot of actual love for this situation but more a "for the love!" the play ground at school still has sand; a fact which has driven me nuts for quite some time now as hadley manages to get a ridiculous amount in her shoes every monday and friday but this sand in the eye was a first!
i am still not 100% sure how it ended up there but it made for one LONG day yesterday! we went to the pediatrician at 2pm and ended up at the opthamologist around 4pm. i am convinced the girls are trying to visit as many "specialists" as possible...but at least they were able to work us in! the pediatrician mentioned sending us to the er if the opthamologist couldn't see her. jay was in meridian and i had both precious children so the er was about at the very bottom of my to do list for yesterday! getting her antibiotic drops in is a less than fabulous activity but it is getting better.

i picked her up early from school and brought her home for a bath, as we normally do since they get so gross on the play ground...she would only put on pajamas and actually wore slippers to the doctor but i managed to get her in keds for actually going in...sweet girl would not open those pretty eyes...like i said...LONG afternoon. she is doing much better today but every once in a while it gets her and we have a small meltdown. 

i had some more "loves" planned but it is time to start dinner...with any luck, this recipe will be headed your way soon!
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