Saturday, January 7, 2012

a note to self...

dear sara,
please do not continue to let yourself get distracted when putting children in the car.  i am glad you seem to be able to always get the girls properly secured in their car seats and i know there is a third baby on the way so things are likely to get worse but please try and get it together. 
as your 3 year old would say, "that is not a good idea" to put your cell phone on the roof of the car.  i know you were loading the children in the car to take them to get ice cream; your "mommy of the year moment" for the day.  and i know your car is in the shop and you are driving jay's and the doors are heavy and you don't like to open them unnecessarily but let's make finding a "safe haven" for keys, purses, iPhones, drinks, etc a worthwhile cause and open the bloody door to put items actually in the car; not on top of it! 
remember a few years ago when you put your new point and shoot camera on the roof of the pilot while loading up children to head to birmingham for christmas?  and then forgot all about putting it in the car with you before pulling out of the garage?!?  remember the tears that stressful morning thinking you had ruined or lost the new camera your sweet husband picked out for you?  that story had a happy ending because you miraculously left the camera in the box with all original packaging and there was something to protect the precious cargo from the impact of the fall.  
apparently, that memory is not as vivid as it should be... so i beg of you, next time you think of leaving something on the roof of the car, remember this picture. 
what remains of sara's first iPhone
january 7, 2012
p.s. something tells me using your old LG phone will help keep this memory fresh...

i fear there are additional pieces on the side of johnson road but as soon as i found the sim card, i called it a night.  what should have been a quick trip to krispy kreme for a pregnant donut craving and mcdonalds for a strawberry sundae, turned into an hour and a half, several trips up and down johnson road, a stop at mcdonalds and sonic but no krispy kreme.  you were still looking for the phone when you went to mcdonalds to find out they no longer have strawberry!  so you trekked to sonic for a strawberry sundae; you couldn't fail at your "mommy of the year moment".  and you have wanted that donut since wednesday so what is waiting a few more had to find the phone and find the "phone", you did.

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  1. So sorry about your phone. However, this was your funniest post to date.

  2. That was really a bad fall, feel sorry about the phone. Though I too must remember not to forget I have the same tendency letting my stuff do stunts. buy aion account