Monday, January 2, 2012

and baby girl makes 5!

latest photo of baby mcfarland no. 3!
and you read the title correctly...i typed "baby girl"! jay and i found out a few days before Christmas that God has another little girl in the plan for our lives; for those of you keeping count, that is 3 little girls. we could not be more thrilled!
well maybe that isn't true...i could, technically, be more thrilled.  jay could give one of my two suggested names his stamp of approval or at least come up with a suitable alternative.  but we are not known for naming babies quickly!  i am pretty sure i was 30+ weeks before we named hadley and audrey wasn't quite as bad but it wasn't like my sister in law who found out this morning and we are already calling the baby by name!
for those of you trying to keep track of statistics...i am officially 24 weeks and 2 days with a due date of april 22.  but after my emergency section with hadley, jay and i are in the business of scheduling deliveries so we'll pick a date closer to time.  lots going on around here as we prepare for this new little bundle and a move; much to be thankful for and several things that can be quite overwhelming if i let them.  i am praying we can find a house and settle in meridian before she arrives but that may not be God's plan and who am i to argue with that?  i know whatever works out will be for the best; it always is.  as much as i don't want to relocate with a 4 year old, 2.5 year old and brand new baby, i would much rather have my dr here deliver so...there are pros and cons for moving before and after...we just have to wait and see what pans out.

i have never been one for "resolutions" but i guess i have a few this year...
relax and don't get so worked up over things; there is so much going on, this could be a challenge!
show love more...that is easier when i am not allowing myself to get worked up!
start each day with my focus on my Lord, Jesus Christ, and all else will fall into place with His guidance...i think that covers any and all other resolutions i could possibly have so maybe i really just have one.

if you are looking for a wonderful bible reading plan to start 2012, i highly recommend the bible in 90 days!  it is how i started my 2011 and it was a wonderful experience i plan on taking part in is a great way to start the year!
happy new year!  hoping 2012 has great things in store for you!

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