Sunday, December 18, 2011

santa success!

why is santa so scary to my children?!?  they love to watch movies about him and never once in those movies has he done anything to make them think he is anything less than lovely...  but, oh, my sweet girls are so unsure of him in person! 

i don't remember if i shared this picture of "santa 2010" last year but a refresher in case i did not or you missed it...

i am not sure two children have ever looked more miserable!  if i remember correctly, this was our second trip to see santa...  we did go twice last year and the first visit wasn't good either!  a few days after visit #1 hadley started talking about going back and vowed she would not cry or scream...a reminder to not take the promises of a 2 year old all that seriously. 

fast forward to santa 2011...
we returned to bass pro shop to see their santa; we took the girls to see him 2 christmases ago when audrey was just a tiny thing.  hadley wasn't so sure but there were no tears; just a look of slight concern.  a few things probably helped us out this year...
1. we went at 10a on a thursday morning 
2. we spent extensive time prepping both girls for the big visit 
3. going at 10a allows santa to be SUPER patient with your 2 and 3 year old girls and they finally warm up to him not only enough to talk, but enough to actually sit in his lap!
4. santa has candy canes! which hadley is all about these days
5. the photographer had a stuffed rudolph toy; which was audrey's "security blanket" for the actual lap sitting portion of the visit!

i was so pumped about the picture, i had to share the "cropped" close up version above..but humor me and look at the full picture.  does anything strike you all as odd?  i will give you a second to think that over. 

why would anyone be scared of santa with that creepy little elf in the corner?!? now the idea that he is scary is something i can get behind!


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  1. That 2010 picture is cute even though they don't look like they had fun. Thanks for leaving a comment about my kitchen- I just wanted to stop by and let you know I replied with the answer and links for you!