Friday, December 16, 2011

o tannenbaum

not that i expect my 4 or 5 readers to remember...but this very blog had a post last december with the exact same title and it is likely to happen every year from here on out so consider yourself warned.

this year we went back to "what we know" and picked up a tree at home depot...very authentic, i know! it is beautiful and i love it and it will droop like any true christmas tree and not petrify on the spot (see o tannenbaum 2010 with the hyperlink above if that doesn't ring a bell)! the girls and jay did all of the decorating...i honestly did not put one ornament on the tree the night we decorated! and i didn't go behind them and rearrange either; i forget who suggested i do/did that. but i have had to touch a few since as for a few days a precious little 2 year old who resides here thought she could touch the tree like it was no big deal.... but really, i just unwrapped ornaments and they put together a lovely tree.

i should have taken a picture before i sent all the "family" gifts to birmingham with jay on looked so much more loved then with all the gifts below but life isn't perfect. it really is the most wonderful time of the year...i LOVE the lights! and the girls LOVE the lights...they could drive for hours looking at lights! we don't have any out front in the bushes or on the house but we do have these little beauties warming up the front door...


just like the chandeliers i posted about the other day, i originally made these little "tomato cage trees" last year for christmas jubilee. but, unlike the chandeliers, they were super easy and i whipped up a few for my front porch. 

to make these christmas trees, you only need a tomato cage (easily found at home depot, lowes, wal mart, etc.), a few cable ties, some mini christmas lights and 21" decor mesh. the mesh can be found at tons of stores here around mobile, even hobby lobby if you get it before everyone else buys it, or if you need to find it online here is a good resource but it looks like many of their colors are out of stock! the amount of lights and mesh depend on the height of your "tree"...mine are approximately 5' tall. that took 200-300 lights and 2 rolls of mesh but i like mine super lit and fluffy and full! you could add the narrow mesh "ribbon" and ornaments to make it look like a real tree or leave them simple.

to get started, i grab my first strand of lights and a cable tie. make sure to have the plug end of the strand at the bottom so you can plug your tree in after you finish! i cable tie the strand of lights to the cage about where the first light is located and leave the excess hanging for more "plug" allowance. then i simply wrap lights around the cage until i think i have enough; only placing additional cable ties if i am connecting additional strands. after securing the lights, i cable tie the mesh to a stake, again at the bottom and tuck the loose end to the inside of the cage, and wrap up the tree. it might take you a minute to get things looking just like you want; especially if this is your first experience with mesh... i leave the mesh on the roll and allow some of it to kind of stay rolled and then fluff it before allowing it to stay rolled again so it gives it some "body"...if that makes no sense to you at all, then just get started and you will likely figure that out shortly! to connect a second roll of mesh, i cable tie the end of the first roll to the end of the new roll and tuck it inside. be patient! if you are doing more than 1, i wouldn't secure the mesh of the first one until you have completed tree 2 in case you get in a rhythm and figure things out and want to adjust tree 1! i think they are really cute alone, in a pair or a sweet little "family" of 3 different heights.

what wonderful christmas projects are you all working on?!?  tuesday the girls and i started "santas" out of their hand prints but after the paint dried i didn't get a minute to make his face. i'll share that after santa gets a proper face!
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