Saturday, October 8, 2011

war eagle 2011

war eagle!

jay and i like to take the girls to the first game of the is ALWAYS at 6 so it is cooler and it is not such a big game that we feel the need to sell the girls extra tickets.  what was auburn thinking moving our first three games to 11/1130 kick offs?!?  it was so stinking hot!  but we thought it would be the best chance to get them to the plains so off we went!

as you can see they were less than cooperative for a family picture but at least it proves we were there

heck...they weren't even that cooperative for individual pictures.  oh and i left my camera in the car!  who does that?!?  i got it out of my purse and left it in the back seat when i was getting audrey out of the car so we only had jay's black berry but they turned out ok.

audrey passed out on the walk back to the car!  it was a long, hot morning.  so we stopped at amsterdam for lunch...we only "tortured" the girls by making them stay about half way through the 2nd quarter...
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  1. so, i had this post ready to go and thought maybe if i hit "publish post", my tigers could pull out a win! start of the 4th's hoping!