Thursday, October 6, 2011

target practice

so, one of the last times we were in birmingham, jay and pops (jay's dad) decided to get out the bb gun and that led to some time with the bow and arrow as well.  they didn't have a proper target so please check out what my engineer husband and intelligent father in law rigged up in the pics below.

jay showing hadley how to shoot

audrey having a blast riding her little car around while all the craziness was going on in the back yard


hadley took a "musical" break in the driveway

audrey still riding in the car!

audrey finally realized what all the excitement was about and
she LOVED running with daddy out to get the arrows!

random pictures of the girls rocking in aunt casey's old room...they are so stinking silly!
so two side notes about that, please note hadley's "blow out" (sometimes she likes to have her hair dried and trying to keep it curly and use the hair dryer just results in more frizz so i just get out my big round brush and give her "big girl hair") and two...audrey loves to tell you how silly everyone is!  everyone but her that is..."mommy silly, daddy silly, hadey silly, etc, etc, etc but rarely will she admit to being silly herself...i think these pictures prove she is just as silly as the rest of us!  i mean she laughs all the time and recently sounds like a recording of a giggling baby!
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