Wednesday, October 26, 2011

happy birthday to my sweet audrey

two years ago, today, we welcomed the sweetest little munchkin into our lives.  i can't imagine life without those sweet smiles and precious "i hold you, mommy?" requests.  thank you for being such a wonderful second addition to our growing family.

audrey and hadley enjoying audrey's new roller coaster!
i think we are in trouble....there really is NO room for this in the house but my nephew has one and it is the very first toy audrey goes for every time we are at their house.  it only seemed logical to get her one of her very own.  it was hard to get the girls off of it long enough to brush teeth and put on pajamas...they were all sorts of riled up from the constant rides and we didn't have birthday cake until we got home from church!  my guess is mommy passes out tonight way before they do!


happy, happy birthday love!
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