Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 is a magic number...

Oh yeah it is...it is a magic number.

Is anyone else singing along with me?!? No? Darn. Am i the only one familiar with this cd? I guess not because it was actually erin who owned a copy but are we the only two?  Some good stuff on the School House Rock Rocks cd back in the late 90's...

Well, we are doing some singing around here...i am just giddy! It is saturday morning (august 20th, though you wont read this post for WEEKS) and i am tickled because we found out last tuesday we will be having baby number 3 in April! You dont have to go back and read that again...I will type it for you one more time. We are having a 3rd baby! I am slightly overwhelmed but really just thrilled! So, 3 is a magic number for us!

Now it is Tuesday, October 4 and I am finally ready to share this news with the world so I will be hitting "publish post"!  This explains most of my absense from blogging this past 2 months...  At first, I didn't want to share anything else because I couldn't share this but then I just got behind and was too lazy to catch up so I will be playing catch up again the next week or so...  And as you can see, I started updating the look of the blog and got to a certain point and just didn't feel like messing with it any more!  Bear with me...I forget how hard the first trimester is and this one has been worse than with the girls so I am praying I will turn a corner soon!  I do not sit still well and I have been doing that alot because I don't feel like doing much else; it has been the bare minimum around here for the past 6+ weeks and I would love to get back to normal.  I am guessing that will happen just in time for us to find a new normal as a family of 5! 

I will leave you with the first picture of our latest addition...

And for those of you interested in "statistical" information...I am 11 weeks and 1 day but sweet little baby was measuring 11 weeks and 1 day this time last week when he/she should have measured 10 weeks and 1 day...so my official due date is April 24 but we will shoot for April 16 (got to wait until Justin is done with tax season...my guess is it will be easier for Ashley to make the trip with some help!)


  1. Awww! Congratulations!!!! So excited for you all :) So you were pregnant at the Rib-it?!?

  2. Thanks! I was! I am so sorry i didnt tell you! We were still keeping it quiet and i was all of 6 weeks at that point. I can be a nervous nelly about pregnancy so i always keep it close for a while...

  3. YIPEE SKIPEE!!!! We are thrilled for you all!