Wednesday, July 27, 2011

swim lessons...

i started to punctuate the title with an exclamation point but i realized it might give the wrong idea.  now, i am excited about swim lessons and hadley is as a point.  why does a rather unpleasant phase of hers have to coincide with learning to swim!?!  poor coaches and poor mommy.  we are making it through lessons and life in general but say a few prayers...this phase is wearing on me. 

a few pictures of hadley with miss haleigh last week i managed to snap with the ol' iPhone

unfortunately, miss haleigh had to go back to florida this past weekend!  so we started this week with mr michael and he will finish our our lessons (i guess actually that is coach michael but that didn't occur to me until after we started the mr business).  last week hadley did a little whining for haleigh but she has thrown outright fits for michael the past couple of days.  more specifically this "phase" consists of her crying, screaming and even kicking when she is asked to do something she is not interested in doing no matter how fun she may have thought it was 5 minutes ago.  like i said, how lovely that a phase about getting her way can go hand in hand with swim lessons!

hope you are enjoying some summer fun in this crazy heat we have!

*i had to come back and add that days 3 and 4 with michael were MUCH better than 1 and 2.  hadley is learning so much, i am thrilled and i am sure michael likes this version of my munchkin way better!  we have 1 day left and we are done with summer number 1 of swim lessons.....  oh the joy...i get to start again next summer with audrey!  i'll start praying now.
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