Friday, July 1, 2011

some mental house cleaning

happy friday!  there are so many blog worthy topics flying around in my brain i just have to get them out...or at least as many as i have time for, so sit tight!  i try to keep you all from having to deal with my stream of consciousness way of thinking/writing/talking but today i am just going to have to expose you.  in high school, my dearest friend and i totally communicated this way...we rarely finished a discussion because one of us would inevitably think of something else and we just floated along this way.  we had one friend in particular could not bare it and would force us to wrap up one subject before beginning another...i am sure most people work this way but i am too scattered... 

on that note, i am flying to nyc next week to visit said dearest friend, erin.  i mentioned erin a while back or should i say i mentioned her sweet little man silas...  i haven't seen erin since christmas and i have not met silas so i am beyond excited!  as excited as i am about the trip (all by husband and no children.  it goes without saying i will miss all 3 terribly!  i don't think i have ever flown solo before!) i am even more excited they are moving south in august!  they were in nyc these past however many years while john was working on his phd but he is finished.  hip, hip, hooray!  the 5 hour drive between us will be the closest we have lived in over 10 is way overdue and i am thrilled the good Lord didn't take them to a land far, far away. 

speaking of good friends, last weekend we were at ono island with dear, old friends from auburn.  we get together every summer and it is such a blessing to have this time with them; these are the sort of friends you can not begin to put into words what they mean to know, the really dear ones.  our time together centers on catching up and good food!  friday morning, part of the crew went snapper fishing and that was truly the most divine fish ever to grace my mouth!  on saturday night we had some extra company i had the yummy pleasure of having darby's corn accept that link as my recipe for the week (slacker, i know!).  but seriously it was delish and so summery and you should all try it. 

saturday morning/afternoon as we were leaving tacky jacks after brunch, we noticed a nasty plume of smoke. jay suggested it was coming from the state park...we laughed him off but as you now know, he was most unfortunately right. i read around 1000 acres have been scorched. i believe the coast (mobile/baldwin counties) are just shy of 20 inches below normal for rain this year and i imagine that makes it even more impossible to contain something like this. this was a picture i snapped saturday evening of the smoke.

i don't know why darby and i thought it necessary to kneel in front of alex; i am barely taller than his shoulder. this was about 1am saturday/sunday (way past everyone but heath's bedtime) and until looking at this pic, i don't think i realized how many had slacked off and headed to bed...many of us were apparently too busy with our after dinner "soul train" party to notice!  funny what a group of 30somethings will do with an open floor and a couple of iPod's to dj the evening... i think the last time i did that much dancing was at a mardi gras ball but somehow it just fit our evening.

and i dare say in all my visits to the coast, this is the first time i have ever seen hermit crabs in their natural habitat!  we got out at robinson island after brunch and there were probably over 20 right around the boat!  crazy, right?  it is ok if y'all aren't in a state of was still cool to me!

so much more on the brain but lots to do this afternoon so i'd better get to it; nap time only lasts so long!  in the spirit of darby's "light and summery" corn salad, i will get my summer veggie and chicken orzo posted this weekend so y'all have some stuff to try while i am out of town next week. 

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