Wednesday, July 20, 2011

purple people eater

hi all! often when i am not blogging, my mind races with things that simply "need a portal to the outside world"! poor thoughts...stuck in this crazy mind of mine! i am sure they dream of living in a simpler place. but lately, this has so not been the case. we have been busy and with our trip to birmingham and my trip to nyc, i just haven't had the "oh the blog is falling behind" thoughts. which is odd to me given we have been busy so you would think my mind was racing with things to share but i guess i got lots off my mind while in nyc...erin and i never lack for things to say and i was there for like 4 days so i guess my mind was a clean slate when i got back!

i have been hard at work on audrey's first year book. have i ever mentioned my love for blurb?!? i used blurb to make hadley's first year book...120 pages of memories, i was able to set up just perfectly! i don't have the desire to scrapbook and i was spending what would have amounted to a small fortune printing 4x6 pictures that i was going to have to do something with. so i started looking into a coffee table type book that i could fill with those first 12 months of preciousness. part of the beauty of blurb, for me, was the ability to have 1 page with an 8x10 and the next with 9 wallet size was all up to me and required no printing of pictures, no cutting or gluing them into a scrapbook and no sliding them into an album that i prayed would not damage them over time or allow them to fall out.

you can use blurb's layouts or create your can be pictures, words or a combination of both! truly heaven...and way more affordable (with my money and time!) than printing the pictures and creating scrapbooks or albums! so i suppose i have been quietly reflecting my precious girl's first year (as year 2 nears a close in just 3 short months!).

there isn't much quiet surrounding all that is audrey these days! she is talking, and even singing, up a storm! but with all this new activity my once uber easy sleeper has taken a turn for the unreasonable and is screaming when you try to put her to bed either for some separation issue (maybe i have left her too much lately) or for fear we are all having a party "after dark" without her! with all this rapid development comes new words and realizations...

so, finally i get to the reason for the title of my post...audrey's first color was finally spoken earlier this week!  i know, i know, i have a nearly 21 month old who just said a color...she is a crazy busy little bee and has some typical second child tendencies so i am cool with it.  but anyway, she wanted her juice cup and looked at her cup and then me and said "audrey purple cup"!  now of course it wasn't quite as clear as if i had said it but it had that precious little toddler voice!  i wonder what color other children identify by name first?  hadley and audrey were both purple, which to me seems on down the line but what do i know...i have no degree on the subject!  nice to have a sister in law who does day she will tire of my questions but too bad because she is stuck with me!  but i digress, audrey has brought jay gray shoes and my pink shoes when asked but never named a color. i guess she is learning all of the shapes she refuses to talk to me about too. hard to remember how smart they are and how much they absorb when their vocabulary is limited!

hope y'all are having a marvelous week!  i am on the road again this other sweet sister in law (my brother's wife) is having a baby next month and we are having a "sprinkle" for her in birmingham on saturday so i have a road trip all to myself!   

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