Saturday, July 2, 2011

on a boat & a momma's love

one of the joys of summer, in my humble opinion, is spending time on the water!  my grandparents had a place at the lake when i was growing up we spent most weekends there.  i cherish those memories and hope to make new ones with the girls in the years to come at a place of our own but for now, we'll take some time on the ol' boston whaler.  we took the boat out this morning for the first time since our ono trip last summer...pitiful i know!  this was audrey's first time on the boat and she survived but i am not sure she is in love.

last night while we were in academy, some "pretty" fishing rods caught hadley's eye.  she really wanted one but i reminded her she has one at home that pops and grammy gave her a while back...that was good enough for her so she proceeded to tell me how she was going to catch some fish when we took the boat out!  i mean telling me how she was going to reach down and pick them up out of the water; she is truly a sponge and misses nothing because apparently she and pops have had some play time in his boat in the basement.  she held that rod the entire ride to put the boat in and was telling jay and i exactly how she was going to do it.  of course the only thing hadley caught this morning was the pink plastic crown that came with the package but she was THRILLED to toss it and reel it back in...we may have a jr angler on our hands! 

and last night after we left academy we stopped by momma g's for dinner.  does everyone take pictures of their children eating certain foods for the first time?  if not, i don't think we are totally strange...instead i think it stems from hadley's milk allergy.  she went without for so long that we took pictures of her first grilled cheese, milo's, ice cream sandwich, snickers, etc, etc, etc... so last night the girls split a momma's love and of course we took their picture.  sure they have had momma g's before but never a momma's love; i swear these girls eat better from the adult menu than the kids menu...

 do you think one day they will be mad at me for putting pictures online of them eating!?!
have a happy independence day holiday weekend! 
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  1. I can't get over how beautiful they are!!!

  2. Seriously gorgeous little girls!! (BTW, Trussville is getting a Momma G's - lookout :)!)