Thursday, July 28, 2011

i call her shaggy

oh audrey, that hair is pitiful!  shame on your mother for letting you walk around looking like a rag a muffin.
at 21 months it was finally time for...the first haircut!

during with hadley's new snow white doll waiting on mrs. kristy to bring a sucker (we were hoping she would sit still if she had a treat and sure enough it worked!  thank goodness because she was wiggling all over the place and i had to hold her; she was not sitting in that chair alone!)

during (see hand to mouth with blessed sucker!?!)

after but still with sucker!  it is not a major haircut but she can now see without hair in her precious eyes and we cut off the beginnings of a mullet in the back. 

so i don't have to call her shaggy any more; i can just call her augie catie like her big sister does.

happy thursday!  i have several sewing posts in the works and i am just dying to share them with keep watch! 
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