Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wet fun in the summer time!

we are out of town this week but i wanted to leave you all with some pictures from campbell's very first birthday party!  i realized i have not one picture of her with her cake!  jay and i took turns parenting and taking pictures and i was parenting during cake and he taking pictures with the proud parent's camera so i have nothing.  this is really a post all about pictures...campbell had a "kiddie pool party" complete with slip n slide, water pad, pools and a water table...the children all had such a good time and i feel certain i have never allowed my girls to have so much sugar in one day!  i love these chances we have to spend with family since they all live so stinking far away which i suppose is our fault; we are the ones who moved...oops!
i hope everyone has a great week!  we are in birmingham for my sweet father in law's 60th birthday (and jay just so happens to have work in the area like all week!  what are the odds?!?) then at ono this weekend with dear friends from auburn.  i am hoping for a boat ride to pirates cove, going out to check the crab traps and a great time with fabulous friends!  good times with friends and family this week...what more can you ask for?

hadley, audrey and cambpell being silly in the wagon after dinner on friday

party time!


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