Tuesday, June 14, 2011

some creative juices

i hope no one got excited thinking i was about to post any number of the tutorials i have been promising lately...sorry!  this is simply just a few "creative" things i have picked up along the way lately and thought i should share!  

a few weeks ago a group of girl friends and i went to amber lane designs for a girls night out!  let me tell you we had a wonderful time...  i HIGHLY recommend amber for a girls night out!  her approach is a bit different from other "paint your own" places that i know of as it is completely customizeable!  there were 6 of us and we each had a different painting...like completely different (1. fleur de lis, 2. pear, 3. group of fish, 4. church, 5. hydrangea bloom, 6. angels)  so if you are in the mobile area...check her out!  she also has art lessons and does commissions...my friend, beth, painted the fish pictured below.  i did the church but the only picture i have makes it look like a scary church so i will try to get a better one with an actual camera and not the iphone and share soon. 

i realized at mother's day i have finally tired of paying $4 per greeting card!  there are certainly occasions where we make our own around here but i also buy many cards!  i am somewhat of a "paper junkie" and it is getting out of hand.  well, sometime last year tinyprints started offering custom greeting cards! i tried them for something but then never got my act together enough to buy ahead of time to have them printed...well no more!  i did all my father's day cards (the ones that will not be hand made by the girls) and spent $1 on each of them!  i mean these are personalized and have pictures too!  now i do have to say that i am enrolled in the "super sender" which cost $17 per year but my cards are $1.99 each and when they have a buy one/get one like they did this week, i spent $1 on each card!  i am sorry but it is too good not to share!  they have cards for every occassion!

and lastly...etsy...do you all know about this WONDERFUL site?!?  i can't begin to tell you what all is on there!  antiques, hand made clothing, jewelry, paper goods.  the list could go on and on and on...i have found some fabulous things (though i have only allowed myself to buy a few) but i found the PERFECT baby shower invitation for my sweet sister in law this afternoon and had to share this jewel, in case you didn't already know!

the new computer is fully functional!  yippee!  sweet voices are beckoning after naps so be back soon!

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