Wednesday, June 8, 2011

no audrey, no cry

i am praying for the patience to slow down and appreciate life the next few months. i will hit the "christmas jubilee ground running" far too soon and many of you know my normal speed is full speed! I find i am too often wondering where the days went; how have i been married nearly 8 years and how are the girls 3 and 18 months old?!? so my prayer for this summer is to slow down and relish each wonderful moment and do a good job of keeping this little storage place of memories updated and full so i will be able to look back at the blog since I am so pitiful at keeping journals no matter how hard i try!

i do not think i have looked this forward to summer in a long time. come to think of it, this is the first "true summer" I have probably had since 2003 but it seems even longer ago than that. the girls were in mother's day out from last september until may; just like the "big kids" but they aren't going this summer and we have nearly three whole months together! i wonder how long before they tire of same old mom everyday... it has hit me that the days are going by faster than i care to admit so i didn't want to part with their precious faces on a regular basis for the summer.  some of you, ok...maybe one person, may be wondering what we have been up to this past weeks and since i find myself asking the same question...there will be no mom's day out and i am truly praying for the patience to ignore the distractions of what i think "simply has to get done today" and enjoy the day to day.

i have also been so slack in blogland because jay is still working on the transition from old computer to in i actually started this post on my iPhone.  oh for crying out loud!  i have not wanted to take the time to upload in slow motion but i just looked at my picasa folder for may 2011 and there are 48 pictures in it! that is absolutely absurd and totally unacceptable...insert another summer resolution: to photograph the girls more or before i know it they will be off and getting married...

there are many things you all have missed while i was slacking but the most notable is...drum roll sweet audrey moved to a big girl bed a few weeks ago...actually the sunday before we went to the beach last month. i know, i know...she is still so little...but she has done fantastically!  we moved hadley at this age becaus audrey was on her way and an extra crib seemed silly.  well, it went over so well with hadley that we hoped and prayed the same for audrey and decided if we thought she could handle it, we would try an early move again.  the way we figure it, they don't remember any other way and so they take to the bed rather well...what do we know though; we certainly do not have any sort of degree on the subject!  now, i would be remiss if i neglected to mention the five ish days of transition!  audrey didn't mind sleeping in the bed but she was not thrilled with the idea of being left in there without you!  she has ALWAYS LOVED her sleep (as in as a newborn, she did not want to be rocked after her last feeding before bed...she would cry!  but if you put her straight in the crib she was as happy as a clam!).  so that only took a few days and she is back to her sleep loving self.

sadly enough, this is the only non grainy picture i have of augie catey in her big girl bed...
note to self...snap a few more!

grainy, mid nap picture one afternoon.  neither of the girls sleep in one place!
 they always start out head on pillow but it is rare they end up there!

i have been spending probably too much time at the sewing table and i promise i will share several tutorial in the coming weeks/months... but the problem is, i can't tear myself away from the projects to write the tutorials!  i promise as soon as jay gets the computer situation under control (like the old one sounds like it could "take off just as soon as it gets clearance from the tower"...scary!)  

back soon with more!


  1. Sara! I have started "sewing." The quotation marks are because I have yet to actually complete a project correctly. I am a bit frustrated!! I just started 3 weeks ago. First time ever. Please tell me it took you awhile to catch on, too! :)

  2. oh brenna! i am so sorry! i will not say there have not been hiccups along the way but i think i was born with some sewing knowledge (thank you mama sue!) first project was a lined velvet coat for hadley her first winter. i was in WAY over my head...i had NEVER even read a pattern but with the help of many teary phone calls to my mom i made it through and after that i decided i could tackle anything! please call me if you ever need help! i am no expert but very comfortable...

  3. I finished a pair of seersucker shorts for Cooper this past weekend. As imperfect as they are, I am proud! And he wore them and no seams ripped, so I consider that a win! :)