Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bible in 90 days...summer 2011

good morning all!  i wanted to share with you all the bible in 90 days sign up is live at mom's toolbox...  the reading starts july 11.  check out my posts here and here from when i took part this past january through march.  if you have any questions, please let me know and i will do my best to answer and of course there are lots of answers on mom's toolbox!  i will be mentoring a group this summer so if you are interested in joining us, please sign up and if you would like to be in my group you can put that in the comments section when you sign up.  it is quite a task but i promise you will not be disappointed!
happy wednesday and blessings to all!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wet fun in the summer time!

we are out of town this week but i wanted to leave you all with some pictures from campbell's very first birthday party!  i realized i have not one picture of her with her cake!  jay and i took turns parenting and taking pictures and i was parenting during cake and he taking pictures with the proud parent's camera so i have nothing.  this is really a post all about pictures...campbell had a "kiddie pool party" complete with slip n slide, water pad, pools and a water table...the children all had such a good time and i feel certain i have never allowed my girls to have so much sugar in one day!  i love these chances we have to spend with family since they all live so stinking far away which i suppose is our fault; we are the ones who moved...oops!
i hope everyone has a great week!  we are in birmingham for my sweet father in law's 60th birthday (and jay just so happens to have work in the area like all week!  what are the odds?!?) then at ono this weekend with dear friends from auburn.  i am hoping for a boat ride to pirates cove, going out to check the crab traps and a great time with fabulous friends!  good times with friends and family this week...what more can you ask for?

hadley, audrey and cambpell being silly in the wagon after dinner on friday

party time!


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day

to the love of my life
the Lord has blessed the girls and i in ways i can not begin to measure
i do not deserve you and the girls are beyond lucky to have you as a father
words are simply not enough...
all my love

with hadley . march 2008                                         with audrey . october 2009

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

some creative juices

i hope no one got excited thinking i was about to post any number of the tutorials i have been promising lately...sorry!  this is simply just a few "creative" things i have picked up along the way lately and thought i should share!  

a few weeks ago a group of girl friends and i went to amber lane designs for a girls night out!  let me tell you we had a wonderful time...  i HIGHLY recommend amber for a girls night out!  her approach is a bit different from other "paint your own" places that i know of as it is completely customizeable!  there were 6 of us and we each had a different completely different (1. fleur de lis, 2. pear, 3. group of fish, 4. church, 5. hydrangea bloom, 6. angels)  so if you are in the mobile area...check her out!  she also has art lessons and does friend, beth, painted the fish pictured below.  i did the church but the only picture i have makes it look like a scary church so i will try to get a better one with an actual camera and not the iphone and share soon. 

i realized at mother's day i have finally tired of paying $4 per greeting card!  there are certainly occasions where we make our own around here but i also buy many cards!  i am somewhat of a "paper junkie" and it is getting out of hand.  well, sometime last year tinyprints started offering custom greeting cards! i tried them for something but then never got my act together enough to buy ahead of time to have them printed...well no more!  i did all my father's day cards (the ones that will not be hand made by the girls) and spent $1 on each of them!  i mean these are personalized and have pictures too!  now i do have to say that i am enrolled in the "super sender" which cost $17 per year but my cards are $1.99 each and when they have a buy one/get one like they did this week, i spent $1 on each card!  i am sorry but it is too good not to share!  they have cards for every occassion!

and you all know about this WONDERFUL site?!?  i can't begin to tell you what all is on there!  antiques, hand made clothing, jewelry, paper goods.  the list could go on and on and on...i have found some fabulous things (though i have only allowed myself to buy a few) but i found the PERFECT baby shower invitation for my sweet sister in law this afternoon and had to share this jewel, in case you didn't already know!

the new computer is fully functional!  yippee!  sweet voices are beckoning after naps so be back soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

new arrivals

first...sweet silas!
how precious is he?!? this is the newest member of my "family"...silas is my oldest and dearest friend's newest arrival! he was born may 18 and i can't wait to meet him but they are in nyc so...

and this time last year we had another very special new arrival...sweet campbell joy turns 1 today!  we are celebrating her birthday with a water party and i am sure all in attendance are having a blast! 

then we have some WAY less important new arrivals...strawberries and peppers in the back yard!
this was the first strawberry and pepper to emerge a few weeks back. they are the only pictures i have managed to grab. we have picked many strawberries but they are a bit sour in my opinion...the girls think they are divine though! and this little pepper has several friends now but they are still very much in the growing stage so hopefully soon...

i should have exciting pictures mother's day present (a new lense for my nikon!!!) finally arrived so i am pumped to play with it soon and share with you all!  happy weekend!

and bear with me this next week as i continue to catch up on a few odds and ends around here...
posts may be scatterbrained at best! 

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

no audrey, no cry

i am praying for the patience to slow down and appreciate life the next few months. i will hit the "christmas jubilee ground running" far too soon and many of you know my normal speed is full speed! I find i am too often wondering where the days went; how have i been married nearly 8 years and how are the girls 3 and 18 months old?!? so my prayer for this summer is to slow down and relish each wonderful moment and do a good job of keeping this little storage place of memories updated and full so i will be able to look back at the blog since I am so pitiful at keeping journals no matter how hard i try!

i do not think i have looked this forward to summer in a long time. come to think of it, this is the first "true summer" I have probably had since 2003 but it seems even longer ago than that. the girls were in mother's day out from last september until may; just like the "big kids" but they aren't going this summer and we have nearly three whole months together! i wonder how long before they tire of same old mom everyday... it has hit me that the days are going by faster than i care to admit so i didn't want to part with their precious faces on a regular basis for the summer.  some of you, ok...maybe one person, may be wondering what we have been up to this past weeks and since i find myself asking the same question...there will be no mom's day out and i am truly praying for the patience to ignore the distractions of what i think "simply has to get done today" and enjoy the day to day.

i have also been so slack in blogland because jay is still working on the transition from old computer to in i actually started this post on my iPhone.  oh for crying out loud!  i have not wanted to take the time to upload in slow motion but i just looked at my picasa folder for may 2011 and there are 48 pictures in it! that is absolutely absurd and totally unacceptable...insert another summer resolution: to photograph the girls more or before i know it they will be off and getting married...

there are many things you all have missed while i was slacking but the most notable is...drum roll sweet audrey moved to a big girl bed a few weeks ago...actually the sunday before we went to the beach last month. i know, i know...she is still so little...but she has done fantastically!  we moved hadley at this age becaus audrey was on her way and an extra crib seemed silly.  well, it went over so well with hadley that we hoped and prayed the same for audrey and decided if we thought she could handle it, we would try an early move again.  the way we figure it, they don't remember any other way and so they take to the bed rather well...what do we know though; we certainly do not have any sort of degree on the subject!  now, i would be remiss if i neglected to mention the five ish days of transition!  audrey didn't mind sleeping in the bed but she was not thrilled with the idea of being left in there without you!  she has ALWAYS LOVED her sleep (as in as a newborn, she did not want to be rocked after her last feeding before bed...she would cry!  but if you put her straight in the crib she was as happy as a clam!).  so that only took a few days and she is back to her sleep loving self.

sadly enough, this is the only non grainy picture i have of augie catey in her big girl bed...
note to self...snap a few more!

grainy, mid nap picture one afternoon.  neither of the girls sleep in one place!
 they always start out head on pillow but it is rare they end up there!

i have been spending probably too much time at the sewing table and i promise i will share several tutorial in the coming weeks/months... but the problem is, i can't tear myself away from the projects to write the tutorials!  i promise as soon as jay gets the computer situation under control (like the old one sounds like it could "take off just as soon as it gets clearance from the tower"...scary!)  

back soon with more!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hadley and Jesus

conversation in my car this morning on the way to vacation bible school...

hadley "mommy...look at jesus"
i turn around and see the pictures below...
thinking to myself "does Jesus have a belly button?" but telling her
"hadley, that is a great picture!  i am so proud of you!"
hadley responds "do you see his belly button?"

oh to have the mind of a 3 year old!  precious is all i can say!

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