Friday, May 6, 2011

under the sea

who doesn't love a little time at the aquarium?  these pictures are pitiful and are really just to prove casey and i took the was a handful of a morning and the girls had a good time but pictures were, unfortunately, an after thought. 

by far the funniest (or saddest) story of the day was hadley having an absolute meltdown at a woman dressed in "authentic argentinian garb" (a veggie tales reference for all you fans out there)!  the woman was actually dressed in a traditional islamic burqa and so hadley could only see her eyes and totally lost it...i was so grateful that there was a HUGE ray swimming over head and i totally thought she was freaked out by that so hopefully all other people did too.  i am praying she outgrows this fear of "costumes" soon...  if you ask her about her time at the aquarium she simply says "i scared of the people".  oh brother; it will be a long road ahead of us if we keep this up.
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