Wednesday, May 4, 2011

at the beach with papaw and lala

my dad and laura were at the beach over easter weekend so we drove over to spend the day with them on saturday before celebrating easter sunday in mobile.  i just wanted to share a few pictures from the first beach trip of the brother, sister in law and carter will be at the gulf this weekend and the girls and i are all hopeful to join them for some more quality family time!

did you know the universal sign for airplane (or any loud noise of the sky)?  audrey thinks so...
playing pool side

one child loves to play in the sand...always has!  her sister however...

cries as if it is some sort of torture!  unless you give her something to chew on; those pesky incisors!  
oh and the only way i could be more in love with that bathing suit of theirs is if it stayed on their shoulders better!  i feared that when i bought it but it has a matching purple skirt/cover up and hadley was in LOVE with it so we got them and i hoped for the is still cute no matter how bothersome!
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