Thursday, May 5, 2011

arts, crafts and a little baking

good morning all!  i am still catching you up on the activities i neglected to blog about while i was immersed in the b90 days and then getting the house back in order after neglecting it as well!  i am slowly getting the blog caught up and i think by mid next week, at the latest, we will all be on "real time" here!  

hadley and i made sugar cookies for her easter party at mother's day out and she was such a great helper! 
we made bunnies, butterflies and easter egg shapes! will someone tell me how to get sugar cookies thin enough that they do not expand so much while baking that they ruin the shape but thick enough that they aren't like wafers! there are many things i have figured out when it comes to the kitchen but this is so not one of are appreciated! jay LOVES sugar cookies with icing and i suppose i'll just keep making plain old round ones as i am in no hurry to make "wafer sugar cookies" again...i am sure dr forrest (our dentist) would love us as we'd all be breaking teeth if we ate many more of those!

we have also done some recent painting.  the girls have VERY different styles and i can't help but wonder if it is an indication of their different personalities or just their age.  if you can't tell in the pictures, audrey took her brush and smeared her paints all around together on her plate and then put it to paper...however hadley kept all colors separate.  i love watching them grow!  what a blessing to be here with them...
and lastly...a little something to look forward to here on the blog.  i am always on the hunt for good recipes.   so i decided i was going to start sharing some of my favorites in case you all find yourselves on the same hunt.  the only thing is, i seem to take most unappetizing pictures of food so you will just have to use your imagination until i can get that mastered and trust me that they are all quite delicious and mcfarland children approved!  so stay tuned...

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