Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the weather outside is frightful!

or at least it was this morning!  i have had several calls and wanted to let all know we are just fine.  we were a bit too close, for my liking, to where some major damage occured this morning though...  i had a "funny" post on my mind from last friday when it was super windy here and i dropped my wallet as the wind whipped around a building and i lost my balance.  that story was funny because my wallet doesn't zip; it snaps!  so upon dropping to the ground, it snapped open and the contents blew all over the parking lot and i had not balanced the check book in a couple of weeks so i had MANY receipts and i am sure it was hysterical watching my mom and i chase them all over.  i had been laughing about it ever since and pondering "the unseen dangers of wind" but today's weather was anything but funny. 

Possible tornado damage at the intersection of Old Pascagoula Road and Theodore Dawes Road in Theodore, AL

this is what is left of the bp station at the intersection of theodore dawes and old pascagoula in the theodore area near mobile.  this is less than 10 minutes from my door...scary how quickly things can change.  just a reminder when the weather man suggests you stay might not be a bad idea.

hope you all made it through the day untouched!

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