Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the happiest of birthday parties!

what do you do when your husband is travelling the week of your child's birthday and will be in the same towns as your immediate family?!?  you and the girls tag along so the birthday celebration can last all week! 

monday jay and i loaded up the girls and headed to atlanta; driving through some NASTY weather to get there; and stayed with jay's sister, husband and precious little one campbell for two nights.  casey and i took the girls to the aquarium but that is another story all together and we all went to the park and dinner on tuesday for some good family time.  then on wednesday morning we left for birmingham and had dinner with all the granparents, one great grand parent, my brother, sister in law and nephew carter at jim n nicks!  hadley had a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone and spend some time together.  i have some pictures but that camera is a little misplaced at the moment so you can check out a few here...  then on thursday midday we headed back to mobile...y'all tired yet!?!  we were originally going to stay until friday but jay had a meeting come up and was not able to take the day off...that trip made much more sense when there was another day tacked on the end! 

this brings us to "the party".  do you all remember a time, not so long ago, that true ice cream was forbidden for the children in this house?!?  thank the good Lord hadley outgrew her allergy last summer...  a sweet friend of mine mentioned having a party at old dutch and it was just too perfect this year given the travel and most importantly that the child can actually have real ice cream!  don't you love a real ice cream parlor?!?

the birthday girl with her best "game face", tutu and candles in her ice cream.  i made the tutu for one of her presents but she did not want to take it off!  who am i to deny her that simple joy in life... 
hadley and two of her best buds...mary carlton and heaven
audrey and hadley (audrey won't look at the camera because there is a windmill in the corner she is dying to get her hands on!)
audrey devoured shashe's mint chocolate chip...after she ate her own ice cream!
will the two of them ever look at a camera (and smile) at the same time?  i am beginning to doubt it...

so i joked with jay when i was pregnant with hadley that given our personalities our children would either be void of personality or have an overload...what does this picture tell you?

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  1. Looks like everything turned out great & I absolutely LOVE the pigtails!!