Thursday, March 17, 2011

a few recent photos...

when we were in atlanta a few weeks ago, my sweet sister in law pointed out i had been neglecting the blog. i won't go on and on about why but i am going to catch y'all up on any pictures of note over the next few days. i am headed to the beach in the morning with some girl friends and should come back more refreshed than i have been in a long time (no offense to my wonderful husband and terribly precious girls...but you just get run down from time to time and i am in need of some sunshine and responsibility free couple of days!) hope all have a good weekend and enjoy some pictures in my absence!

did i ever mention the whole family (aunts, uncles, grandparents and good ol mom and dad) went in and got hadley a bouncer/jumper for her birthday?!?  let me tell you it was worth every penny and i am thinking come summer i won't be regretting the built in roof either (we have not one shade tree in the whole stinking yard!).  audrey spends most of her time going up and down the slide and little time jumping and hadley could play in it all day/every day if you would let her.  fortunately, for all involved, it fits in the garage!!!  great for inclement weather or cold weather but won't help us a bit this summer when the garage is like a sauna...we'll be better off in the yard!  this is pretty much hadley's permanent face when the bouncer is inflated....  i mean it might be the best present ever!
and this is how my sweet audrey spent breakfast the other morning.  hadley found a stash of birthday party hats before audrey got up and when i went to get audrey, hadley brought her one to wear.  i put it on her but didn't think it would last long at all...much to my surprise i took it off her when it was time to leave for school...she never tried to take it off.  hadley on the other hand was happier to let her good friend elmo wear her hat.
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