Friday, February 4, 2011

well, what do you know?!?

So here i sit at the tabernacle in atlanta waiting for the opening act at the guster concert and i am typing this post on my iphone! Thank you at&t for putting it on sale so i didnt feel guilty upgrading. This phone is WAY too cool for me; just like the rest of this night. Jay got me these tickets for my birthday back in december and scored us back stage passes that i found out about as we were standing in line outside in the COLD! I am not cool enough to go back stage even if it is a band most of you have not heard of! A band you should check out if you dont know them... i am pretty sure. I discovered them wih erin back in like 1997 at city stages and i have been enjoying ever since! Like they are definately on my "emergency music" list. Anyway, i'll stop rambling and fill you all in on the awesomeness of this night later (along with an update on life these past few weeks). You'll have to excuse any misspellings or other errors...jay said blogging from my phone was blogging at its purest. Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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