Wednesday, January 19, 2011


what a blessing to have a white christmas!  it was darn cold but we certainly enjoyed it!  hadley probably more than audrey because she still isn't walking so there wasn't much playing in it for her...

as you can see, it was actually snowing while we were out there.  did i say above that it was "darn cold"?!?  it was frigid...granted, this opinion is from someone who has been getting used to mild mobile winters for the past 7 years.  i'd say it is fair that poor audrey shares her mothers sentiments about the level of cold...she was ready to go in but we were trying to get a picture with the snowman... 

check out audrey in this first picture...look mischevious?!?

she should because she just knocked down frosty!

so jay stood him back up and we tried again....

and again she knocks him down!  as you can see, jay and i couldn't stop laughing and hadley looked quite upset at the fate of her little snowman friend! 

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