Wednesday, January 19, 2011


what a blessing to have a white christmas!  it was darn cold but we certainly enjoyed it!  hadley probably more than audrey because she still isn't walking so there wasn't much playing in it for her...

as you can see, it was actually snowing while we were out there.  did i say above that it was "darn cold"?!?  it was frigid...granted, this opinion is from someone who has been getting used to mild mobile winters for the past 7 years.  i'd say it is fair that poor audrey shares her mothers sentiments about the level of cold...she was ready to go in but we were trying to get a picture with the snowman... 

check out audrey in this first picture...look mischevious?!?

she should because she just knocked down frosty!

so jay stood him back up and we tried again....

and again she knocks him down!  as you can see, jay and i couldn't stop laughing and hadley looked quite upset at the fate of her little snowman friend! 

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santa brought me a swing set

so hadley found it before we were ready to show it to the girls...and they had to wait for decent weather and us to return from birmingham to enjoy it...but look what fun they are having! 

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

catching up!

if you had told me that it would take me nearly a month to get up the pictures from christmas, i would have laughed and way!  well here we are...i guess it hasn't been a full month quite yet.  it seems like forever ago.  it is always so nice to be home in birmingham with family; though i feel like we never really get quality time with anyone during the trip because there are so many to see!  we had a marvelous visit regardless of the duration and it is so wonderful to experience such a blessed and magical time of year with the girls! 

jay reads "the night before christmas" to the girls every christmas eve but this year audrey wouldn't sit still!  she was "flippin and floppin" EVERYWHERE! 
i mean could she have had less interest in reading the book?!?

christmas morning, hadley got up earlier than we would have liked but we kept her in the back of the house because we all know audrey likes her sleep!  well, we not only had to keep her away from the living room where santa had filled stockings and left other goodies but we also had to keep her from the swing set santa left in the back yard.  we had been letting her watch tv in our room and i went to put some things away in her room (the very next room, mind you) and all of the sudden jay and i hear exclaimations of "i got a swing set!  santa brought a swing set!"  this is how i found her... 

it was the most precious thing ever heard but what possessed her to look out the window?!?!?!?!? more on the swing set later...between travelling and weather, the poor girls had to wait like 10 days before they got to enjoy it!

both girls enjoying their new babies.  audrey also has a nice chunk of wrapping paper that she had been chewing on; i am pretty sure she is looking at jay wondering why he is telling her not to eat it when i snapped that pic.  little did we know she was cutting her first molar and then proceeded to cut 6 teeth since the week before christmas!  that is right people...6 teeth in 4 weeks!  do the math...she has been less than thrilled with life...  hadley just wanted to feed her baby "the white bottle".

the weather was frightful christmas morning but we had to take the girls out to see the big present from santa!  santa spent A LOT of time working on this but managed to get it done in one day!  and mr and mrs claus would also like to thank uncle todd for his help!  it had rained all night and the thing was soaked!  hadley kept telling us it was dirty and asking jay to clean it.

this was audrey's first road trip in a front facing seat...she had been all twisted trying to see the tv for the last few trips but this time it was easy peasy and she even kept the head phones on; briefly. hadley spends 99% of her viewing time holding the stinking head phones no matter how many times we explain that they stay up on their own...

does anyone remember alphie?  justin and i had one growing up and hadley got one for christmas this year!  i've got to say the 80's version is way cooler than the updated version but she likes it and is learning and i suppose that is what matters.  audrey on the other hand couldn't be more excited about her new lamb blankie.  we have too many of the little angel dear blankies but they get so gross so quick...  she also got a few new books!  she has never been too much for sitting still but the touch/feel books are pretty good at holding her still for a bit until she decides she needs to hold the book and close it so you have to recite it instead of read it!

in order to get a picture of all three grand daughters we had to put the girls in campbell's wagon to keep audrey from crawling away but getting all three to look at the camera was just not happening!  who knows what they were looking at here...but aren't those pjs the cutest?!?

the girls also got matching diaper bags from pops and grammy for their babies!  these are so very precious and have been a big hit!  they both carry them around but you can see a is just happy to check out the velcro; probably one of her favorite things right now!  does anyone have any suggestions for hadley's bed hair!?!

several of these pictures (and ones from the upcoming snow post) were taken with casey and eric's camera and their brand new lense. i am not normally a "i need that camera thingy" but i need that lense...i am hoping the girls find me worthy of a fabulous mother's day gift..........

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

i had a dream!

now brace yourself for the most amazing story you have heard in at least the last 5 minutes!  you are simply not going to believe it...  i had a dream that predicted the outcome of the most important sporting event of, well, the last 53 years (that is if you are an auburn football fan).  monday morning i woke up with visions of an auburn victory dancing through my head!  in the dream, i was in the university of phoenix stadium and it was the last play of the game....are you on the edge of your seat yet?!?  i am sure most of you watched the game or at least know the outcome (unless you are living under a rock) my dream (and in REAL stinking life) this play determined if auburn won or lost (well i guess in real life it determined overtime or not but i digress).  i was so nervous, i had to close my eyes but the next thing i knew everyone was jumping and screaming and just having a good old fashion fit! 

i was already pretty pumped for the game but after i woke up remembering the dream, the anticipation was crazy!  i told jay about the dream first thing and then when we met eric in the hotel lobby i was all blubbering about it to him too.  you would think they would be beside themselves with excitement standing and talking to someone "so close to greatness" but neither of them were one bit happy about it "because i had never had a dream about auburn before and i was not allowed to have one the night before the national championship game"...they are ridiculous.  that game was just an edge of your seat, never take a deep breath kind of game and i am so thrilled at the end of it all, i was able to scream "i had a dream!"  look at that confetti!!!

it was overall a great trip and a FANTASTIC night of football.  i highly recommend the hoover dam if you are ever in the vegas area...check it out (i'll post those pictures later)!  i also highly recommend TRAVEL INSURANCE!!!  jay and i would have been stuck in vegas until today (we were flying home on tuesday!) had we not had insurance.  due to the unusually wintery weather the south has been experiencing, we got to vegas to find our flight to charlotte had been cancelled and us air couldn't get us on another flight until today!  so since we had taken out insurance (a holdover from the travel agent days...please, never leave home without it and certainly never leave the country without it!) we were able to bail on us air and buy a new ticket on delta that got us home on tuesday.  i'll also take a moment to recommend travel agents!  we don't travel with a laptop (heck we packed in carry ons only for this trip so there were no extras) and it was great to be able to call someone to find us the next thing to get us home!  if you ever need a recommendation for someone to call, shoot me an email!

war eagle!

oh and before i hit post, i did a quick look at the blogs of friends who i know went to the game and i am speechless that i am the first to get up game pictures!  i know i still haven't posted christmas...shame, shame, shame on me but i promise i'll get us all caught up by this weekend!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

altar'd state

happy new year to all!  2011!?!?!  i remember when saying twenty ten sounded very strange and seemed so far away and here we are at twenty eleven...and here i am at 31.  but instead of being upset about now having a foot firmly "in my thirties", i am looking most forward to the year ahead.

i am looking forward to a year of being broken and molded in His image.  i have been struggling with the lack of growth in my walk with Christ and praying for several months for guidance and answers.  it seems the Father continues to tell me the problem is i am trying to grow and make changes on my own and instead should be relying on Him and i continue to try and do it myself...  well a couple of weeks ago i came across this... reading the bible in 90 days!?! could it really be possible?!?   i didnt immediately sign up online because, let's face it...i am a failure with several unfinished bible study books on the bottom shelf of my night stand but i know deep down inside i have never been happier, even in troubled times, than when i am neck deep in study that challenges me and pulls me closer to Him.  so i sat and pondered the thought...i was terribly excited at the prospect and felt like this was an answer to the prayers i had been praying for so long but still was a bit hesitant for a multitude of reasons.  i did some digging on the program and found out the creator of the program was a lifelong agnostic and decided to read the bible because his children had questions he could not answer.  he divided the reading into 90 days and i believe it was half way through the old testament that he became a believer!  WOW!  if reading the bible cover to cover could do so much for someone with no prior beliefs, then surely i could benefit as well and i needed to stop doubting, so i got on amazon and ordered the bible in 90 days bible (an NIV translation with no footnotes to distract).  like i don't already have more than one could possibly need...often i feel so selfish owning more than one copy of the bible when there are people who can't afford one or have never been exposed to its existence.  i feel so guilty and selfish that i own so many copies and have not read one from beginning to end.  it isn't like jay who just doesn't like to read...i can sit down with a book and struggle to pull myself away...reading at every free moment...until the last page is turned.  but for whatever reason, i have never done that with the bible.  sure i can tell myself that is is a book written thousands of years ago in a language very different from the one i speak on a daily basis but that is just one of many excuses.  i am sure there will be times when i am overwhelmed and confused but i know He can help me through.

so here i am at the beginning of a new year and tomorrow i will begin reading the bible from start to finish!  i look forward to learning about myself, my family and most importantly, the Father through this journey...i look forward to coming away from this experience, with no help from myself but only through Him, with an altar'd state.