Saturday, December 11, 2010

your husband is a horses patoot

i wrote this post over thanksgiving "break" and thought i set it up for future posting but apparently i don't know how to do that properly so here it is...weeks later!

the other night i finished fannie flagg's new book...i've been a big fan of fannie since i was maybe 11 or so when my dad gave me a copy of "welcome to the world baby girl" (oh i can't remember exactly but i'll never forget that book!). i've read all of her books and even finished one on the way from mobile to birmingham for christmas a couple of years ago (obviously that was before the girls were born because who could read that much with children in the back seat!?!?!). well when i found out that fannie had a new book coming out this fall, i told jay i'd like a signed copy for my birthday...i put him in charge because a. i thought it would be a great gift and b. i had jubilee going on the week she had like 3 appearances in mobile/fairhope. well poor jay forgot all about it until she was gone from the coast and started searching for her next book signing...lucky for jay it was that very night in birmingham but unlucky for jay both of our mothers were travelling due to taking care of the girls so i could be at jubilee so they were obviously not available to head over to brookwood mall to help out. so jay starts a "quest" to find any friend of ours in birmimgham who was willing to go to books a million and get me a signed copy...i won't mention any names but let's say some people should love me enough to have delayed their trip to auburn by a couple of hours to help a sibling out but i digress.

sweet jeff was innocent enough to take on the challenge! jeff "did his research" and even called ahead to find out that he should come on down and pick up a copy and get a "line number"...that should have tipped jay and jeff off that this was not going to go as easy as they were thinking.. if jay had not since deleted the text conversation between him and jeff, i would have to post parts of it here (not all of it because let's just say jeff was starting to think jay had thrown him under the bus!) but long story short jeff spent 2 hours in line to meet fannie flagg (a woman he knew nothing about!) just to get my book signed! now is that a sweet friend or what!?!?!?! well when he got up to fannie, he told her why he was there and who the book was for...he also asked fannie to add "ps. your husband is a horses rear" (well he actually used the 3 letter word that begins with the letter a and not rear but i can't say that here)... well fannie replied that she couldn't say that either but she would write horses patoot! she didn't but i wish she would have...not that i think he is but oh how wonderful would that have made my copy of the book?!?

thank you jeffro! i thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the book and read it in not time at all!

and if you have never noticed that i tend to write this blog in "stream of consciousness" then you certainly noticed with this post.


  1. I so never heard this story...I knew you were getting this but I never heard back from Jay if he found anyone to do it & I thought it was your "b'day gift" so I knew not to mention anything until after Christmas. :) Just so ppl don't think I wouldn't have made J stay to do this for you if I was with him...I was at a work dinner so I had no choice, he on the other hand did! HA!

  2. i remember hearing you had an "acceptable excuse"...justin is just lazy and we all know that. we love him to pieces but we all know!