Friday, December 17, 2010

what a lovely day for the park!

word on the street is santa might have something in his sleigh for the girls that will get these smiles and laughs the whole year through! i mentioned in the fall de rah post that we left fall de rah (which didn't take up nearly as much of our morning as i had envisioned) in search of a park. well thank you southern linc (that is probably the only time you will hear me thank southern linc!) because jay was able to get a buddy of his that could tell us exactly how to get to the park and a great park it was! it is right on the "beach" and was rebuilt after katrina so it was really nice. the girls had a wonderful time...i wish i could get a decent crop of some of the pictures when they were swinging but trust me they had so much fun! i think the only thing that would have made it better is if audrey could walk...i think she is tired of me carrying her but this whole "scooting" thing is ruining her pants so i carry her any time we are out and the park is certainly no exception!

and i love the expression on audrey's face in the last picture! it was like she was doing all of the rocking and daddy had nothing to do with it.


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