Monday, December 20, 2010

oh santa, my santa...

does this picture need words?!?  i think not...
but if you thought there would be a post on this blog without words, then you obviously haven't been following for long!

i have to tell you this is what it looks like after hadley asks to go see santa (our first trip was even worse than what you see above).  again...she asked to go see him, there was no convincing on our part and she was all excited about shaking his hand and telling him what she wanted for christmas...all excited until it was time to actually talk to him!  we did get a good picture of the four of us with santa (before we turned into "parents of the year" and put our children in santa's lap for the sake of a photo, all the while, knowing they had absolutely no interest in sitting with the man) but at the highway robbery prices we only bought this one...
merry christmas to all!

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  1. Sara, this is awesome!!! I hate they didn't like Santa, but this picture is priceless! :)

  2. This picture really is priceless...absolutely love it!!