Wednesday, December 22, 2010

o tannenbaum

oh what fun! this year we went to an honest to goodness christmas tree farm! did you know that even existed on the gulf coast?!? i knew it was there but i didn't have a clue what exactly the deal was until this summer...ramsay tree farms has a great relationship with christmas jubilee (the "holiday market" here in mobile) and since i was working on decorations for jubilee this year i learned there are christmas trees here in mobile!  it was such fun (even though it was like 65 that day and each one of us were sweating as we walked and tried to find "the tree").  this picture is the best i could get...i learned one important lesson...if you want a cute picture of the girls at the tree farm...then just take it when you get out of the car with the first tree you see!  don't wait for "the tree" may have lost your audience by then!

poor jay had to cut down the tree with a rather dull saw! 
next year we'll remember one of our own so it will less like a butter knife and more like a saw!

i have loved the look of the tree and it is unlike any other we have ever had!  however it has been up since december 4 (cut fresh that morning!) and it is hard as a rock!!!  i mean like it petrified or something...very strange!  we kept water in it; i promise! but strange it is!  jay says it is a major fire hazard and i'd love to take it down before we leave for birmingham but that can so not happen so hopefully it will survive our absence...

that night we did manage a mcfarland tradition of krispy kreme donuts and "drinks" (milk for the girls, hot chocolate for jay and apple cider for me...we aren't difficult, are we?)  hadley was so into watching the grinch and eating her chocolate covered donut, upside down and i just had to include the picture of audrey even though it is blurry...look at that face of bliss!

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