Monday, December 20, 2010

just scooting and talking

the girls have started playing on their own "in remote parts of the house" quite a bit. it is hysterical as we just hear them squealing and carrying on in their own little world; i just LOVE this sister dynamic! not too long ago jay was in the study (in the middle of the house), i was in the kitchen (one far end of the house) and the girls were in hadley's room (the other end of the house) and all i could hear was squealing laughter but i assumed they were with jay...he went to check on them and when he asked hadley what they were doing she simply replied "just scooting and talking"! she loves to hold audrey's hand and scoot down the hall with her but most of the time audrey feels the hand holding is a bit too constricting while she is trying to book it across the floor!  here are a few pictures of them hanging out in "close quarters"...
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