Sunday, December 12, 2010

happy birthday to you!

i am finally adding some pictures from audrey's birthday party...if you want to see more, order a copy of "audrey cate: the first year"; due out in january!  we had such a wonderful time and i simply can not believe i now have two toddlers!  hadley is quick to tell you she is the big girl and audrey is a baby but let's face it...they are not "newborns" any longer.  they will both always be my babies!

audrey and hadley sitting in midst of "present mess"

does that look say to anyone else "tell me again why    she was way too into that cake to be any more a part
i have to wait..."?                                                        of this picture than physically there!
    apparently it was a GOOD cake...

now this takes a bit more explanation...  for hadley's first birthday uncle justin wanted to know when the "moon walk" would be there...i laughed him off and didn't think much of it until a week or so before when jay asked the same question!  apparently, he thought justin was on to something and i thought it sure would be fun so we got one!  well it turned out that justin was terribly sick and never stepped foot in it and i was super early pregnant with audrey and too darn exhausted to enjoy it but everyone else said they did.  well that brought us to audrey's party... we were having the party on halloween weekend and it didn't occur to me until way late that i was trying to rent an inflatable for HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!  imagine what was available 2 weeks out?!?!  sponge bob for my daughter's first birthday party...i think not!  well i ended up finding a couple and went with ne jumpers who i'd highly recommend (he delivers, sets up and removes for no extra)!  anyway it was well worth the "trouble" of tracking one down and both the girls LOVED it!  i somehow don't have a picture of all of audrey's smiles but she is working hard in the picture above scooting all around that thing!  and on a funny note, my nephew carter got sick on their to the party (they were driving from birmingham) i mean so sick they had to turn around and go back home so once again the jumper we had all because of my brother...he didn't set foot in!  ha!  who knows when i'll get another one so he just missed out! 

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