Thursday, December 16, 2010

fall de rah

let's insert "guilty mother moment" here... we didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year before halloween! insert "gasp" here! between jubilee preparations keeping me busy and i think one or both girls were sick or maybe it rained or who knows but we didn't do it. we actually bought our pumpkins at target one day when hadley was irritable and i thought having a pumpkin of her very own would make her happy (i am not into bribing our children but...i considered it more of a "you aren't having a great day so here is a little happy" type of parenting move over outright bribery) and sure enough it did. she was so enamored with the pumpkin she stopped being so crabby. but back to the point, when we bagged the pumpkin patch trip, we didn't feel too bad about it because jay knew about this little fall arrangement in moss point (mississippi for those of you who are not from "round here") and we just planned to take them there. i am sure fall de rah was GRAND back before halloween but by the time we got there it had seen better days! the girls had a good time though and enjoyed running around and checking out the sights before we embarked on a journey to find a park in a city where we do not live but more on that later. enjoy the pics!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And I love your Christmas card!!!