Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happy birthday audrey!

to my sweet little doodle bug...i love you and can't believe it is time for you to be making a mess with a cake of your very own! this year has gone by so very quickly and i know the ones to come will be every bit as fast. i only pray i can slow down enough to savor each and every moment. i love you so very much!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

what is going on?

such a big question in this house these days!  first, it is one of hadley's favorite things to ask and i just think it is adorable!  i mean it just sounds so cute coming from a 2 year old.  but i thought i'd take this opportunity to explain where the heck i've been and where i will be for the next, oh, 4 weeks.  i am not sure where to begin so here goes...for erin, i am sure you will be able to keep up with the free flow typing that is about to occur and to the other 2 people that may read this blog...good luck keeping up; i may loose you! 

first, the girls are growing and changing like weeds; there is too much to cover in one post!  jay got a new position and will be commuting to gulfport starting on monday...i am a bit nervous about the commute but i am sure it will all be fine.  there has been much prayer on the matter and i have a peace about the decision to stay put in mobile and for him to commute but still i am human so there are some jitters.  i am desperately trying to get the girls "fall wardrobe" sewn but it is still above 80 degrees here on most days so it seems somewhat futile to work on but the weather changes here on a dime so i am trying to get some pants and long sleeve options for the little darlings.  and last...i am all in on christmas jubilee decorations (i am not drowning but we aren't messing around anymore either).  so with all of that on top of just day to day life, there has been zero time to update this little blog of mine. 

that so only scratches the surface but my brain is too scattered to remember much else...the girls are LOVING the new mother's day out program they started in september.  hadley asks nearly every day if it is a school day and even audrey reaches for her teachers when i drop her off.  i am glad they have adjusted so well; i didn't expect less from hadley but audrey is still young enough to surprise me...which by the way

AUDREY WILL BE 1 IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!?!?!  does that leave you saying, "WHAT!?!" or is that just me?  so i have also been working on her birthday invitation which is really just for the old scrapbook when you only invite family but still she has to have one.  oh and by the way we have been potty training since the beginning of august and had a pretty frustrating setback that we just put our finger on earlier in the week so that has been a source of the lack of free time in this house. 

anyway...i'll see what i can do about keeping everyone in the loop a bit better over the next month but i make no promises.  happy fall to everyone!  hope you are having more "fall" like weather than we are here in mobile!  i still have beach pictures and what not to put up so maybe i can find a little time soon...

and a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet sister in law!  welcome to your 30's!  it is a truly great place to be.  we love you very much and hope to see you soon!