Saturday, September 25, 2010

in the kitchen

hadley played in the "tupperware" cabinet of my kitchen but why would audrey bother to mess with that when she has their entire kitchen to raid!?!?!  oh what fun she has!
and yes that is a pink kitchen in the corner of my dining room; right next to the silk do what you have to do!  the girls absolutely love it!  the other morning, hadley was dipping a tablespoon into a bundt cake pan and then "sprinkling" that over two bowls of food.  when i asked what she was doing she told me she was silly of me to wonder.  i wish i had room for them to really have a whole "house" set up...maybe one day. 
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  1. So cute!!

    By the way - you're an angel! I think I found something I love at Polka Tots for SO much cheaper!!