Thursday, September 23, 2010

all for the bottle...

so we are working on the sippy cup but it is a bit of a slow go...  meanwhile audrey is way more interested in playing with hadley than taking her bottle.  i forget when we realized that in the car seat she would suck it dry in just a matter of seconds.  a few saturdays ago, jay was having trouble getting her to take the bottle so he got the car seat out of the car, brought it into the den and strapped audrey in!  you can see she is pretty darn comfortable...this has become "the way" to take a bottle if we have plans to be in the car anywhere around meal time...which has led to a fair amount of formula on the door of my car and in/on the seat protector under her car seat.  only 1 more month on the bottle...let's figure this sippy cup out, shall we?!?
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  1. Such a little lady keeping those legs crossed! She is a doll!!