Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ah...the pool...

here we are!  it is so relaxing to be away even though our outing at dinner was hadley's worst in my memory!  it is audrey's first time at the beach!  hadley has been excited about the trip since i first mentioned it.  she has talked about everyone putting on their bathing suit and playing in the water. more times than i can recall.  we got here monday and jay's sister casey, her husband eric and sweet baby campbell stayed with us on monday night so it was quite the family affair!  so here we the beach...but for now all i have pictures of are the pool. 

audrey took right to the water; i thought she would since she was such a fan of the lake earlier in the summer.  however, the beach for now is not such a could be she was sleepy but i think she just may not be a fan...uh oh!
so we know hadley isn't really afraid of much (well she is terrified of aubie but we'll add that to a very short list for a 2 year old) and e.e. (uncle eric to the rest of us) made the "mistake" of throwing h up in the air.  she would fly back down only to say "one more time"...well after this "flight" she did take a bit of a break...
hadley and audrey "stacked"
can you see how excited the girls were to be taking pictures!?!
all three mcfarland girls

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