Saturday, September 25, 2010

in the kitchen

hadley played in the "tupperware" cabinet of my kitchen but why would audrey bother to mess with that when she has their entire kitchen to raid!?!?!  oh what fun she has!
and yes that is a pink kitchen in the corner of my dining room; right next to the silk do what you have to do!  the girls absolutely love it!  the other morning, hadley was dipping a tablespoon into a bundt cake pan and then "sprinkling" that over two bowls of food.  when i asked what she was doing she told me she was silly of me to wonder.  i wish i had room for them to really have a whole "house" set up...maybe one day. 
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Friday, September 24, 2010

the beach trip!

life has been crazy and it seems like this beach trip was months ago when in reality it was not even 2 weeks ago!  it was so very nice to get away from things with jay and these precious munchkins (or as hadley would say "sweet girls")!  i wish we could all just leave life more often but then i guess it wouldn't be life then would it? 

the girls had an absolute BLAST!  hadley woke up every morning and from every nap asking to "go in water".  of course her poor skin paid a small price with some eczema break outs but she is working on recovering..  audrey was a big fan of the pool and even the ocean but the beach (as you will see) was not necessarily her cup of tea.



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Thursday, September 23, 2010

all for the bottle...

so we are working on the sippy cup but it is a bit of a slow go...  meanwhile audrey is way more interested in playing with hadley than taking her bottle.  i forget when we realized that in the car seat she would suck it dry in just a matter of seconds.  a few saturdays ago, jay was having trouble getting her to take the bottle so he got the car seat out of the car, brought it into the den and strapped audrey in!  you can see she is pretty darn comfortable...this has become "the way" to take a bottle if we have plans to be in the car anywhere around meal time...which has led to a fair amount of formula on the door of my car and in/on the seat protector under her car seat.  only 1 more month on the bottle...let's figure this sippy cup out, shall we?!?
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ah...the pool...

here we are!  it is so relaxing to be away even though our outing at dinner was hadley's worst in my memory!  it is audrey's first time at the beach!  hadley has been excited about the trip since i first mentioned it.  she has talked about everyone putting on their bathing suit and playing in the water. more times than i can recall.  we got here monday and jay's sister casey, her husband eric and sweet baby campbell stayed with us on monday night so it was quite the family affair!  so here we the beach...but for now all i have pictures of are the pool. 

audrey took right to the water; i thought she would since she was such a fan of the lake earlier in the summer.  however, the beach for now is not such a could be she was sleepy but i think she just may not be a fan...uh oh!
so we know hadley isn't really afraid of much (well she is terrified of aubie but we'll add that to a very short list for a 2 year old) and e.e. (uncle eric to the rest of us) made the "mistake" of throwing h up in the air.  she would fly back down only to say "one more time"...well after this "flight" she did take a bit of a break...
hadley and audrey "stacked"
can you see how excited the girls were to be taking pictures!?!
all three mcfarland girls

Sunday, September 5, 2010

war eagle!

those of you who are hoping for tons of great photos from our day on the plains will be sadly disappointed in this post.  however, take heart that it seems we have a new way to entertain hadley with the camera and may be getting great pictures of her soon; but i digress.    

we tried to get a family photo...this is it.  audrey is normally really good to look at the camera but she couldn't hear you calling her name to save her life so it is what it is. 

the girls really did enjoy themselves; we just don't necessarily have the picture to prove it.  they did really well tailgating; audrey took a nap in the car because the girl loves her sleep.  but don't was parked right by the tailgate so we left it running (so she was all comfy in the ac), put her pack n play mattress down in the back and even set up the monitor.  though, that didn't stop jay from checking on her ever 15 minutes.  in fact, every child at the tailgate took some form of nap...except hadley; like jay and i were surprised.  she just will not sleep if there is stuff going on; she did sit still a bit to color and watch mickey mouse clubhouse but that was it (thanks miss kaylee for the use of you tv!) . 

hadley walked the entire way to the stadium and poor audrey rode in the stroller all by herself...  the gate people also didn't bother to check a single thing i brought in the game; not a bag, sippy cup, bottled water, etc. but i was thrilled not to have to buy water for the girls so i am certainly not complaining!  anyway, we got ourselves all situated and hadley LOVED her shaker; she only put it down to eat her hot dog and peanuts and to clap (see pic below).  she also "set up camp" on the stairs and much to my surprise audrey was alright being held or sitting on the seat; i thought she would try to get down the whole time. 

jay and i had really been talking aubie up around here.  given her absolute melt down at the sight of "bay bear" (the mobile bay bear's mascot) at a baseball game this summer, i thought some prep work was in order.  she was SUPER EXCITED to see him (i mean waving and talking like he could hear her) until he was about 20 feet away and then she started to cry and grabbed on to me for dear life!  even after he was out of sight she still wouldn't let go and i mean she was really upset; my shirt was covered in snot...there is a visual for you.  we finally got her distracted by the thought of a hot dog.  really...they had a great time and hadley is even talking about aubie today like she wants to see him...maybe next time. 
we had reserved a room at a hotel on the auburn side of montgomery but i was kind of wishing we had just planned on driving home but oh well...jay, however, decided to stop and see if they would waive the cancellation penalty so we could drive home.  they did!  so we put the girls in clean pajamas (which were filthy pretty much as soon as they put them on because my girls were DIRTY.. but better than the sweaty clothes they had been in all day) and headed on to mobile.  we stopped so i could get audrey's giraffe out of the bag so she could go onto sleep but she had already pulled the sheet for the pack n play over so she could have a little fabric to chew on...i just had to get a pic; it was a long day and that visual just summed it up for me!

people had asked us if we were crazy for taking them both to a game and though i agree jay and i are not exactly in our right minds (well...i think this is as good as it gets for us!) we now know that they can do it like champs!  i guess a day of tailgating and football is in their blood!  but as well as they did...i will tell you i don't think i have ever witnessed less of a football game that i sat on the sidelines for and we all know i can talk through half of them!  so with as much fun as we all was sure a different experience!

oh and next time i make one of those outfits, i'll make and post a tutorial.  hadley wore matching shorts and audrey was in bloomers because she is still young enough for me to get away with that!  i didn't have a pattern and of course there are some minor changes i'd make next time on top of the fact that before i make a tutorial for that i'll need to figure out the best way to get the ribbon trim on without having to hand sew part of it so it would lay right.  oh and i've got a dip recipe coming your way soon...maybe after we get back from the beach.

happy labor day to all!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

limas and pancakes and fries...oh my!

just to name a few of audrey's recent new "big girl foods"... at 9 months hadley was eating steak but audrey doesn't have the teeth of her big sister and there is so much more going on at meal time with 2 that i kind of forget she doesn't have to eat gerber at every meal!

audrey turned 10 months old last thursday and i can't believe in less than 2 months we'll be turning around the car seat for our little bean! honestly, i know all moms say this but, where did it go? she is such a ham and has quite a temper too. she will not hesitate to let hadley know she is less than happy about the toy that was just ripped from her chubby hands. but mainly she just smiles and talks and sings and, now, dances which jay and i get a kick out of! she may not be able to express it in real words but the girl is LOUD; poor thing got that from her mother... tooth number 3 (top, left) has also made an appearance and number 4 is close behind. she still isn't crawling in the traditional sense but she has no trouble getting around and still LOVES to sleep!  like 12 hours at night, 2 1.5 to 2 hour naps during the day and she is getting closer to dropping the evening cat nap but most days still takes it and sometimes will sleep for another hour if she only got 1.5 hours that afternoon.

last thursday night we were all out playing in the back yard after dinner; well jay was loading up the car to head to rib it on friday but the rest of us were playing. the weather was unseasonably fabulous and i snapped several pictures of audrey (food stained onesie and all) and even a few of h would is the "no picture" child in the house. i guess audrey's love of the camera is another she got from me...better than the loud voice. anyway, there were some cute pictures but for some reason this is the one that captures my heart.

happy thursday to everyone! look back sunday for pictures from audrey's 1st and hadley's 2nd trip to jordan hare. i got the girls shirts back this afternoon from being monogrammed so everyone is ready to go except for jay who waits until the very last minute every year to get a new game day shirt.... then monday we head to the gulf for audrey's very first trip to the beach! can't wait...we all need some great relaxing family time. the weather is supposed to be great and even a little on the "cool" side for this time of year (and by that i mean highs around 90!). hadley is all about the beach trip and keeps talking about her bathing suit. she is also all about the "football game" and having her picture made with "war eagle". i told her aubie says war eagle so now instead of calling him aubie she just says war eagle. she also calls all cows "cebus" now...anyone who has the veggie tales "ultimate silly song countdown" knows what i am talking about and i am sure the rest of you would just look at her like she was crazy...which she is but just in other ways... "see" y'all again on sunday!
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