Monday, August 23, 2010

a round of applause please...

because audrey can finally clap!  oh yippee!!!  last weekend (sunday, august 15th to be exact) audrey started clapping! i forgot how absolutely stinking adorable it is to see those chubby little hands meet in excitement for the first time!

a few other "new things"...she also started mimicking a "smacking sound".  she says mama and dada all the time (dada she has said all the time for a while now but mama is gaining in frequency; it was much more random). however, i am not totally convinced she knows what either really means quite yet.

without further is the latest video of her "mobility". she was all over the place just like the one little "step" you see her take in the video but of course this was the only one really caught on camera...i still had to post it though!  i mean how do you move without your hands or anything?!?

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