Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"ooohhhh...that's fun audrey!"

so i got this video the other night when i was trying to get audrey to "crawl" for me. sometimes hadley is all about her sister and other times she is all about hadley! this was one of those "all about audrey times". she is so much more verbal these days, that i have a hard time not laughing all day long. the other day she took a drink of water, put her hand on her chest and announced to shashe she was "so much better"...really, something was wrong; we didn't know. just cracks me up most of the day and of course audrey laughs at 99% of what she does...it is that 1% of the time when she is doing something ugly like taking a golf ball out of her hand because the other 2 she has apparently aren't enough...times like those are what seem to make audrey wish she wasn't the youngest.

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