Friday, August 6, 2010

oh how i LOVE the lake!

and i think my girls do too!  jay and i both grew up spending a great deal of time in/on the lake.  i have simply THE BEST memories from going as a kid...

well this year we decided to take two "long weekend" type vacations so we could hit the lake and the beach!  we had a perfectly lovely weekend with great weather and some good family time; i only wish the entire family could have joined us!  i took a ton of pictures but here are just a few. 

audrey enjoying her first dip in the water.  she pretty much kept the toy in her mouth the entire weekend. 

hadley getting ready for her first boat ride in pop's boat!  or hadee's boat as she sometimes called it; wanda said she was the only person who could get away with trying to take ownership of the boat.  i think there are two others but i consulted campbell and audrey and they would actually like a lake house...
i couldn't resist this little retro number when i found it at target; they both had to have one!  hadley has also taken to wearing audrey's sunglasses sometimes and who knows why she wanted them upside down.

swimmies were not this comfy when i was her age...they were all vinyl and hard to get on!  i saw some cute ones at the beach last fall that i found online but these were about 1/3 the price at good ol wally world!

getting ready to "jump like tigger" to daddy!  jay suggested she jump like tigger because she wasn't really getting the jump off the side part and thought the visual would help her.  well, she had the best time doing this and after she got in the water she wanted to go right back on the pier and do it again.  she had to jump like each of pooh's friends; including eeyore and owl and i doubt very much that they are big jumpers!

these are the moments on camera that i wouldn't trade for all the tea in china!  sweet girl was exhausted and wanted to crawl up with pop's (jay's dad).

audrey getting ready for her first ride in pop/hadee's boat

and away they go!

the house we rented had a paddle boat and hadley was telling jay how she was going to drive it! 

i hope this was just the beginning of an annual memories are just too much for words...makes me miss my mama sue and papa something awful.  oh to be a kid again but then again i get to watch these two enjoy their time as children and i think it will be far more rewarding with many more memories!

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